Expert Alliance

Expert Alliance is a specialist consultancy, with extensive experience in the following fields:

Major projects for both commercial and public sector clients.

Transport & Infrastructure, with unique-in-world leadership expertise in all modes of fast ground transport:

  • 300 km/h High Speed Rail – Project Director: HS2 the Stoke Route
  • 500 km/h Maglev – CEO: UK Ultraspeed for Siemens/ThyssenKrupp Transrapid
  • 1000 km/h Hyperloop – Vice President: Virgin Hyperloop One

Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

Economic development for cities, regions and countries.

Strategic advisory services for Governments and corporate clients.


Expert Alliance track record of projects and assignments is here.

Expert Alliance work includes business planning, presentation and negotiation at the highest levels, including with Heads of Governments and multinational C-Suite executives. Click the images below for information about a sample range of our projects and assignments.

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Expert Alliance experience ranges from multi-billion dollar infrastructure projects to ‘bottom of the pyramid’ economic development for people earning less than a dollar a day.

Expert Alliance is led by Dr Alan James, who assembles and leads teams of best-in-world specialists for every assignment. Alan is an incisive leader, highly experienced in strategy, major project development and on-the-ground delivery.  His CV is here. His skills include:

  • Defining projects including very large scale infrastructure programmes.
  • Refining strategic, policy and financial business cases for companies and Government Departments internationally.
  • Presenting with vision, precision and authority to decision-makers, including Heads of Government and C-Suite executives. 
  • Directing and fronting project promotion and communications campaigns include broadcast, print and online media.


A selection of Expert Alliance publications, illustrating the practice’s outputs are available for download here.