Expert Alliance


Expert Alliance is a specialist consulting practice, with expertise in the following fields.

  1. Advice on, and on-the-ground leadership for, major projects for both commercial and public sector clients.

  2. Transport, with a unique specialism spanning both conventional High Speed Rail and maglev.

  3. Electric vehicles and eMobility.

  4. Strategic business planning and development, integrating a range of activities from consumer-facing NPD, through to global operations optimisation and location selection to maximise tax advantages and inward investment incentives.

  5. Economic development, strategic economics and city/regional/national competitiveness.

  6. Experience of working at the very highest levels of Government and multinational business.

Assembling and leading teams of world-leading specialists for each assignment, Expert Alliance is  led by Dr Alan James, who spearheads our consultancy service to corporate and government clients. 

Alan is an incisive business leader, highly experienced at CEO level in strategy, major project development and on-the-ground delivery. His skills include:

  1. Defining projects ranging from local initiatives, through corporate investment in significant new plant and product, to multi-billion dollar Government investments in infrastructure.

  2. Developing corporate strategy, including aligning objectives, operations and results in complex businesses with multiple operations in many international locations.

  3. Refining business, funding and policy proposals up to Investment Banking and Treasury levels, directing the teams producing them, then communicating their outputs.

  4. Presenting with vision, precision and authority to decision-makers, including Heads of Government, Ministers and Civil Servants, and C-Suite executives in multinational business. 

  5. Directing and fronting project promotion and communications campaigns ranging from presentation of technical and financial propositions to decision-maker audiences through to broadcast and print mass media.

Expert Alliance projects range from key infrastructure in Europe, to combining new high tech industrial plant in Africa with ‘bottom of the pyramid’ economic development, to transform lives and deliver world-class products.

Alan James’ CV and an overview of selected Expert Alliance assignments can be downloaded here.

Expert Alliance publications, demonstrating a range of the business skills and experience presented here are available available for download as eBooks or PDFs here.

Project and business leadership with vision, precision and authority.