Expert Alliance


Expert Alliance is a specialist consultancy, focussing on:

Major projects for both commercial and public sector clients.

Transport & infrastructure with unique-in-world expertise in all modes of fast ground transport:

300 km/h   High Speed Rail – Project Director
500 km/h   Maglev – CEO
1000 km/h Hyperloop – Vice President

Electric Vehicles (EV) & Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

Economic development for cities, regions and countries.

Our work includes business planning, presentation and negotiation at the highest levels, including with Heads of Governments and multinational C-Suite executives.

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Expert Alliance experience ranges from multi-billion dollar infrastructure projects to ‘bottom of the pyramid’ economic development for people earning less than a dollar a day.

Expert Alliance is led by Dr Alan James, who assembles and leads teams of best-in-world specialists for every assignment.

Alan is an incisive leader, highly experienced in strategy, major project development and on-the-ground delivery. 

Alan James’ CV is here. 

His skills include:

Defining projects including multi-billion dollar infrastructure programmes.

Refining strategic, policy and financial business cases for companies and Government Departments internationally.

Presenting with vision, precision and authority to decision-makers, including Heads of Government and CxO executives. 

Directing and fronting project promotion and communications campaigns include broadcast, print and online media.

Publications. A selection of Expert Alliance publications, illustrating the practice’s outputs are available for download here.


Vision, precision and authority.